Searching for Siren Head

I saw something in the woods that day, and today I am going out there to find it. To find HIM. To find Siren Head…

Searching for Siren Head is a suspenseful short story with quick chapters and frequent black and white illustrations, perfect for elementary readers and for reading to younger Siren Head fans. Children who love horror characters (but not so much horror stories) will enjoy this not-scary mystery in the forest!

Siren Head Finds a Friend

Even Siren Head needs friends.

Join Siren Head as he eagerly searches for a friend and fearlessly overcomes the hurdles he encounters on his journey. The perfect bedtime story for younger Siren Head fans, Siren Head Finds a Friend teaches valuable lessons about kindness, friendship, and perseverance.

Counting With Siren Head

How many Siren Heads do you see?

Take your preschooler on a colorful counting adventure with Siren Head as he explores the outdoors and asks readers to count interesting objects. What happens after he gets to 10? Wait and see!